Monday, August 24, 2015

A brief summary of the last few months!

The end of the summer is closing in, and there are so many things that have happened... Magdalena has learned to ride her bike... 

 There have been some major changes to the outdoor area around our house, maybe even a final step towards a path past our house on the western side... you cannot see the mess there on the pic above...
 The nephews and nieces have grown even higher! Even the youngest ones already go to school and love it there... except for Paul and Magdalena, of course...!
 Paul has found some new hobbies, but not forgotten about some old ones (e.g. sulking! ;-))
And finally, there is a pic of our "gang" on Paul´s birthday, June 19 - he´s already turned five! God bless! All is well in the Fischer household, but there are still some major projects to be undertaken in the next few weeks... let´s see how far we´ll get with everything! 


Friday, February 13, 2015

Off to Berlin

The Fischers from Steining are all excited, as we are going to Berlin in a couple of hours!
At half eleven, our night train leaves from Passau to take us right in to the middle of Germany´s capital, and my old French mate David will be watching over us for a couple of days!

However, there are some pics I would like to share with you before we take off:

 This one shows Magdalena and Paul giving us a grin!
 When Lorenz comes round in the afternoons to watch TV (their favourite show is "The octonauts"), they must not be disturbed! ;-)
 Finally, when winter did arrive, we could go on our sledge and fly down our steep hill in the garden! Rita´s the only person Maxi really wants to go with... girls!
At the beginning of December, it has become a fine tradition to bake cookies with granny Gabi!

Other than that, things are going really well... Rita has just started in a new job and we´re finding it pretty easy to arrange matters with the kids and, as mentioned above, we are going on a holiday today!
So, I might post a few more pics very soon and provide ore info,,. till then:

 Au revoir!!!

Monday, February 03, 2014

Some more info on the Fischers from Kleinzell

 Fischberger News are a rare insight into our life in Kleinzell, so I hope you guys will find the time to check out the latest ... well, nearly latest pics again this time. 
Anyways, as you can see, there was quite some progress before the winter, the garden was sculpted and the lawn was seeded... the last parts of the exterior were finished... overall it has been a grand 2013...
 Again, my dad was on the forefront constantly and helped whenever he could, and sometimes even, when he couldn´t... on this pic you can see him seeding the bottom bits of the garden area... with Magdalena giving him a hand, of course...
 Thanks to granny Gabi´s help we sometimes even manage to get some time off and the kids enjoy having all the grand parents around a lot... for whatever they do with them... go for walks, read stories to them. play in their little store... good fun!
Well, I will try to provide more info again soon, so far so good.... tomorrow is Rita and my wedding day, so we need to get some rest... goood night, and good luck! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Latest news update - the house and around it...!

Hi there,

school has started and is giving me a lot of pleasure, fun and extra stress... ;-) naah, it´s not too bad, really, the kids are great and the older ones are very performance oriented, so things are going well...
The same on the house front, literally... we have progressed on the last parts of our exteriors also, as today Simon H., Thomas P. and I will put the finishing touches on the last two outside walls... There´s a pic of what our house looks like now:
 Before the paintwork Simon L. alias Joe and I had to put on some insulation and some smoothing cement, which proved harder than I thought...
  well, whatever, the last few days were really great house wise, and soon the rest will follow... grass and the pavement in the car port!
 And, as you can see, the kids enjoyed the last few days in the sun a lot, too! It´s gonna be so great to have proper grounds of the size we do next year... Rita´s just out to get more plants into the embankments....
So, you can see things are going well in the Fischer hosuehold and around it... talk again soon,

ERF xxx

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How up-to-date is UPDATE?

Hi everybody,

there have been so many things happening in the past few months, it is unbelievable, and I never quite find the time to get anything across the ether to you guys... sorry about that, hopefully some of you also get some idea of what the Fischers are like now from facebook...
Well, things are going really well... the kids are fantastic and a laugh, seemingly healthy: Paul has a lot of fun on his new swings, which have been fixed on our porch only recently:

 So, finally, we can have friends coming by on a "proper" basis, I mean, they like climbing the mud hills where our garden is meant to be at one point... in this case the Campbell boys
 But, we also recently had the chance to go on a boat trip with Rita´s dad, below you can see sister Karin with Magdalena before the trip...
 Maxi and Rita in the cabin below deck...
 and me and Pauli, too...
 Thanks dad, again, for helping so much with the porch, would not have been possible without your help...
 What is also pretty groovy about Kleinzell is the fact, that the zoo of Altenfelden is only around five minutes away... so the kids can go there on a regular basis... here in front the eagles´ volaire with great cousin Elias.
Overall, life is good in Kleinzell... hope you guys are doing fine too! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Autumn, winter and spring - we have moved into the house and already spent 4 months here - it is beyond fantastic how great pur kids are developing, we moved away fro Linz at the eprfect moment for Paul, and Magdalena is the busiest girl ever, follows Pauli around wherever she can, giving her mom and dad a really hard time to keep up with her! Here are some impressions:
 Fixing the outside of the hosue proved to be time consuming but fun work... 
 On the day of moving, Rita invited her friends for a cleaning spree... sister Linda
 Paul did not mind the mess so much, it seemed...
 friend Martina from work in Gunskirchen...
 Finally arrived... 
 baking with granny Gabi...
 6 in the morning... mountain view from the dining area
 friends feeling comfy... 
 kids feeling comfy...
 Maxi´s not drinking beer, I can assure you...! 
 Uncle Joe and Aue working away at the baseboard...
 ... and Florian mounting the door frames! Eventually!
 Uncle Gust, the organiser of the doors... thanks a lot!
 Stairway to heaven, it´s really beautiful, I think! :-)
The first impressions of the kitchen, beginning of December!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The house is there! ;-)

Hi everyone who occasionally goes onto this page to check what´s happening with the Fischer family... there´s been lots!
First of all, we did eventually get the house on July 17th and have been madly busy ever since... but we are getting somewhere, as you can see on the pic below.
 In the last few weeks we installed the electrics, the pipes for the heating system, the windows as well as the roof and, finally, have been putting the isolation into the house so the paved flooring can get started at the end of next week!   
 Here´s my brother helping the roofers to unload their trucks...
 Above you can see the way the company did the window sills and sides .... we think it´s really beautiful...
 Thanks to my sister and perfect chef Doris and her ever so helpful "handyman" husband Dominik (below on the left, right behind me, talking to his daughter Lilly), we could stay in Kleinzell most of the time and, therefore, have avoided to put too much stress on our kids... Pauli and Magdalena have made so many steps forward, it´s incredible... 
 Here´s my father in law, who helped with bro-i-l  Lukas and sis-i-l Karin to tidy up the house before the final steps, the isolation and paving... then there will be a break of around 6-7 weeks, but that´s good, as school is starting...
 Below there´s Paul on his training bike - he started last Monday and, if you want to take it away from him, he starts crying and is really desperate...!
 And here´s lovely Rita with Magdalena, who is perfectly fed and happy constantly, all smiles and ... she can sit and is starting to crawl - dangerous times on the couch ahead!
Thanks to so many people we are on schedule with the preparation of the next important steps - moving into the house... right now it seems we can make it by December, just as planned... yeah!
Bye everyone and take care, 
Ernsti and the Fischers